We are firmly committed to inclusion and diversity and have a proactive approach to equality and diversity, both internally and as part of our search processes. We are very enthusiastic about empowering our team to work in a way that fits their own lifestyle and home commitments.


Maurice has always been a big supporter of diversity and equal opportunity in his law firm career and looks forward to continuing this approach through his career mentoring role at Lawyer Talent Network.   Leanne has always enjoyed supporting female candidates in their career journey and through experience really understands that female candidates are often more open to specific search opportunities and a longer term view on career management, rather than more speculative approaches.    


As Lawyer Talent Network grows, we are very keen to support a number of networking groups and organisations which endorse similar values. One such initiative we are proud to support as a founding member is social mobility charity: Aspiring Solicitors Foundation which provides financial assistance to young people looking to enter the legal profession.

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