Lawyer Talent Network celebrates first anniversary

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

In November we celebrate Lawyer Talent Network’s first anniversary. We thought this would be a good time to reflect on our first year, which has been quite a year and has by far exceeded our expectations. Naomi has been with us since the start and has thrived as a returner following a career break and effortlessly made the transition from finance lawyer to headhunter. Vaughan joined us in May, Jonny just last month and another new joiner to be announced shortly. There will soon be 6 of us with terrific offices in the heart of the City at Cannon Place. Our ethos is extremely collaborative and we all thoroughly enjoy what we do. Those of us with children also share an ability only to have

daughters – even Vaughan is expecting his first literally any day now!

Our ambition on launch was to provide career advice on the candidate side. Maurice’s dream job was to be a football agent acting for players of his beloved Manchester United... but advising lawyers has been the next best thing. We have also really enjoyed getting under the skin of a select few firms on strategic hiring projects. We feel we have a unique insight on client synergies and Maurice’s deep experience over more than three decades in the finance and PE world has given our clients access to a wealth of experience and advice which we believe to be a unique selling point of our business.

We are also working with some senior, highly experienced former law firm partners with specific sector or industry expertise who we can introduce to our clients to help with their areas of expertise. We have been working with senior management at three firms in particular on these projects and also on some start up projects which are fascinating…

So far this year, we have made 15 lateral partner placements in both London and New York of which over half were as part of team moves which we see as a growing trend. Our moves include a good percentage of strong female partners and the majority of our placements have been part of targeted searches; we have a 100% success rate on retained search projects. We go in to 2020 with a lot of work on and look forward to growing our business, especially now that our team has doubled in size.

Whilst Maurice has been involved in law firm launches and start-ups in London, this is the first time we have run our own business and we have really enjoyed the challenge – when you are investing your own money in something, it’s quite different to spending someone else’s. Doing what we do isn’t easy – it is really hard work and you need a sprinkling of luck on your side; Leanne’s mantra is you need a lot of resilience and perseverance and we believe we have this in spades.

And so to what the next year has in store – how will the uncertain economic and political times affect our industry?