Lawyer Talent Network partners with Aspiring Solicitors Foundation

We are delighted to be a founder member of Aspiring Solicitors Foundation, an organisation which provides financial assistance to young people looking to enter the legal profession.

Alongside the aim of removing financial barriers to entry into the legal profession, Aspiring Solicitors Foundation also works to increase diversity, a central value also for Lawyer Talent Network. 

The charity formally launches in January 2020 and Lawyer Talent Network is among 12 founder members, comprising leading law firms, in-house legal teams and corporates. 

Leanne Clark, founder of Lawyer Talent Network, comments "as a business we are firmly committed to promoting inclusion and diversity within the legal sector, and this can only be achieved if we work to bring in talent from all backgrounds at trainee level. This is why we're so thrilled to be working with Aspiring Solicitors Foundation, a charity which will break down barriers for young people and promote a more diverse workforce".

More information about the charity can be found on their website: